Practice Areas

Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

Our attorneys practice in a range of areas, offering depth of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence in all matters.

Administrative Law

WKD represents clients in a broad range of matters before state and federal government agencies. Our team has a deep understanding of regulatory issues and develops innovative strategies to resolve cases effectively inside and outside the courtroom.


We serve as appellate counsel in a variety of complex matters. Representing clients in both state and federal courts, we apply a strategic, aggressive, and cost-effective approach to achieving optimal outcomes.

Automobile, Trucking and Transportation Defense

Our transportation-focused attorneys apply their experience and knowledge of Louisiana Worker’s Compensation Act, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, accident reconstruction, and product liability to the zealous defense of our clients. We offer rapid response 24/7 to accident investigations. Our team understands the unique challenges of the industry and has successfully defended clients on claims with punitive damages.

Civil Rights

Our attorneys defend municipalities, cities, counties, and the state government, as well as fire, police, and correction departments, against civil rights allegations. We have successfully defended a range of clients in complex civil rights cases, including violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Housing Act and 42 U.S.C.§1983.

Commercial Litigation/Breach of Contract

Our lawyers handle business disputes including contract, intellectual property, and lender liability. Our strategy includes evaluating whether the most favorable outcome could be achieved in court or through arbitration, and we fiercely represent our clients’ best interests.

Construction Law and Lien Law

Our construction team represents clients spanning contractors, subcontractors, developers, owners, and design professionals in a wide range of commercial construction and residential cases, including defective construction, intellectual property disputes, fee contests, construction accidents, delays, and contract disputes. In all cases, the lawyer you hire handles the bulk of your case while also drawing on our firm-wide experience and knowledge, and this is particularly meaningful in complex construction and lien law cases.


Our practice represents consumers in a wide range of matters. As always, we focus on achieving cost-effective and favorable outcomes for our clients. We evaluate the unique characteristics of each case to determine the best path to resolution.

Estate Planning and Succession Law

Our attorneys apply their experience and knowledge in the consideration of clients’ needs and estate planning strategies. Our practice includes creating wills, trusts, Medicaid trusts, healthcare proxies, and durable power of attorneys, along with other related items.

Insurance Coverage

Our insurance coverage-focused lawyers advise and represent insurers on claims and coverage matters, including helping clients identify and address coverage issues. We handle defense of first-party and third-party disputes, including litigation, dispute resolution, arbitration, and mediation. We advise clients on coverage for the underlying claim and defend direct action suits, including extra-contractual damages claims.

Financial Services Litigation

We represent financial services companies in a variety of matters at the state and federal court level. We apply our depth of experience, drive for success, and innovative outlook to reaching optimal resolutions for our clients.


We represent clients in offshore drilling and production, along with other maritime commerce industries. As always, our Rapid Response Team is available 24/7 to ensure immediate counsel is available for a breadth of incidents, including investigations of vessel collisions.



Medical Malpractice

We apply our experience and past successes to effectively defend medical professionals, including physicians in an array of specialties, emergency medical technicians, and some of the largest hospitals in our area. In addition to handling complex medical malpractice cases, we offer proactive risk management services to protect our clients’ interests.

Open Account and Collections

We apply our cost-effective and collaborative approach to resolving open account and collections matters as quickly as possible. Our attorneys take into account all aspects of the case and craft effective, aggressive defense tactics to protect our clients’ interests.

Premises Liability

We defend larger-scale property owners, including retailers, hotels, and hospitals, against a wide range of liability cases, including slip/trip and fall, personal injury, negligent security, and negligent maintenance, along with complex appellate matters. Our strategies focus on rapid response, developing a deep understanding of the unique facets of each case, and moving forward with the best possible strategy towards resolution.

Products Liability

Our products liability attorneys handle diverse matters on a regional and national level. With experience spanning industries including automotive, retail, machinery/equipment, medical, and oil field-related products, we address complex liability claims with forward-thinking strategies based on past successes. Our lawyers have played a role in developing precedent-setting cases and achieved notable victories for clients.

Professional Liability

When a client’s reputation is at stake, our attorneys take the lead in establishing strategies to achieve the best possible outcomes. We have effectively defended a range of professionals including accountants, attorneys, architects, engineers, medical professionals, c-level executives, and directors.

Property Damage Claims

We approach property damage claims with our overall strategy of rapid response, thorough investigation of claims, and evaluation of the best path to resolution, whether that is settlement, trial, or appeal. Our accomplished litigators team with clients, both property owners and insurance carriers, to achieve optimal results. Our experience encompasses matters involving large-scale public sector properties to residential homes.

Public Sector Work

Our public sector litigation work spans other practice areas, including civil rights and premises liability. Our experienced team offers rapid response 24/7 and forward-thinking analysis of all claims. We delve deeply into understanding all aspects of matters and formulate strategies to defend our clients’ interests in full consideration of their goals. We carefully evaluate which cases should be settled or tried early in the process to reach cost-effective outcomes.

Retail Liability

We aggressively defend our clients against retail liability claims, offering rapid response 24/7 and taking into account all aspects of matters to achieve the best possible results. We team effectively with our clients’ insurance carriers as appropriate and apply our overall collaborative approach to providing cost-effective, efficient, and strategic representation based on our team’s collective knowledge and experience.

Workers' Compensation

Our workers' compensation team applies a wealth of experience and knowledge to the aggressive defense of clients in a range of industries. We strategically represent employers and their insurance carriers in complex and varied workers’ compensation claims.